A Youth Records

A Youth label was established in 2017 and it is the ambient division of Cimelde Records/Among Us. Their artistic output stands for stylistic musty categories like “electronica”, “avant-pop”, “downtempo”, “experimental” space in which sounds and ideas can frisk without shyness. Defining can only serve to finite A Youth, which is always evolving, always absorbing new sounds and new cultural identities, maintaining its highlight to bring music and a touch of great art to open-minded people.

Mobile Solutions
We directed everything from the UI, UX desktop version and developed the same interface with 100% mobile friendly responsive design.
Awesome Branding
In a word, the “A” letter was the main point of our idea when we first did the branding of the label. As it’s name A Youth, we crafted with the idea of a typo logo as the label shared the same interest. Gladly we had free hands on to do whatever we thought will fit better for them, so we came up with a simple minimalist approach to the branding as it will allow to show what exactly the label is about, electronic music.


Client – A Youth Records

Website – www.a-youth.com

Project – Branding, Logo, Website Design, UI/UX
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