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Ongoing WordPress care solutions for Business Partners.

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Managed WordPress support packages that helps take care of all your needs regarding your website. We take support seriously and free you to grow.

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Suitable for small businesses who don’t need to update their website too often, and don’t need regular help development, marketing or design but still welcome to ask for support.

€199.00/ month

  • All WordPress & System Updates
  • Monthly Security Audit
  • Site Performance Check
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Cloud Backups
  • Monthly Report
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For medium-sized businesses that require monthly attention with maintenance, backups as well as development or design options. Works for eCommerce websites too.

€499.00 / month

  • All services from SMALL Plan
  • Development Update 2/Hours
  • Regular Security Audit
  • Regular Site Optimizations
  • Ongoing Support
  • Weekly Report
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Growing capacity and site limits to scale your experiences. For growing businesses who need closer support to handle their content and security measures at all times.

€799.00 / month

  • All services from MEDIUM Plan
  • Development & Content Update 4/Hours
  • Security & Speed Audit
  • Site SEO Optimizations
  • Priority Support
  • Weekly Report
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WordPress support means your website will continue to drive attention and customers into your business.


  • Weekly WordPress core files - theme and plugins update
  • Latest system version of PHP and MySQL
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) for your assests
  • Cloud Backups
  • Security Audits
  • Site Optimizations
  • Monthly Reports


  • Website/E-commerce
  • CMS: WordPress
  • Stores/WooCommerce

Custom Solutions

If you are looking for custom solutions please get in touch with us.

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Professional Support

We Grant What Matters to You

Keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure can be time consuming and a little tedious. It takes you away from what you should be doing, which is building relationships with your customers, staff and partners. The technology continues to evolve and there is no way you can keep abreast of all the trends and developments.

We believe the right way to support applications is with an ongoing and consistent level of care from a professional dynamic team, closely connected to your project’s particulars. Our support services also include training, consulting on best practices and operations planning, performance monitoring, resource updates and much more.

Let us handle the boring stuff, like updating theme, plugins or optimizing your images and setting up redirects. That way you can focus on the fun things.

Having problems with your WordPress installation or other core issues? Let us take care of it for you. We ensure that your WordPress install is done the right way.

We care about making clients happy, therefor you have access to a remarkable WordPress support where you can ask questions, get advice or solve minor issues.

Features & Benefits

We help you better profit from your online presence

Managed Updates

We apply the latest software updates to avoid compatibility issues, to keep your site stable and secure. Automated backups prior to every update. Management of all core, plugin, and theme updates on a weekly or daily basis. Review of the website to verify no issues occurred.

Security Monitoring

You need to be vigilant, proactive, and check regularly for vulnerabilities. We keep your site secured with the best monitoring tools on the web. Implementation of a firewall. Implement of an SSL certification. Automated email notifications regarding the site’s security status and warnings.

Performance & Optimization

We benchmark your website performance regularly and react if something goes wrong. We optimize speed performance to make sure your site is stable and running efficiently.

Secured Cloud Backups

Backup is an essential part of WordPress management. If an update fails, or your website crashes, it’s imperative to have an up-to-date backup of your website. Since our backups are incremental and run off-site, it will successfully back up even the most problematic websites. Your website will serve you reliably and consistently.


Monthly performance assessment. This will look at various areas of the website that could potentially pose problems and give a bird’s eye view of where we’ve spotted trouble and what our suggested fixes are. We provide useful insights to make future recommendations.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Our tools follow Google's guidelines for search engine optimization. Keyword research, competitive landscape research, internal link building, broken link repair, page speed optimizations, security optimizations, responsive design updates.

Uptime Monitoring

We do real-time monitoring analysis and start working on a solution to solve any uptime issues. If there is a problem identified with uptime or with speed, our tools will help to quickly address it.

Development & Technical Support

We got your back and every month you can rely on us to add to your site, polish it up, setup new plugins or share some expert advice. (2 - 4 hours/month depending on the level of your plan).

Additional add-ons
Email Marketing

Another essential type of marketing you should be involved in. — We’re leading agency partners with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and MailerLite. We help people start growing their list, brand and success with everything email marketing strategy.

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A/B Testing

This isn’t typically the kind of service you’ll find offered by a WordPress team, so this is an addition to our care plans. In essence, we’re giving you the opportunity to constantly test more effective ways to design your site or write your content--without you having to lift a finger!

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Strategy Consulting

This is a fairly broad area which includes all the conversational exchanges we might have with our client about how to improve a site, how to achieve greater efficiencies, how to increase site ranking and more.

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Content Marketing

This add-on provides you with helpful suggestions on how to to make optimal use of website content to achieve your business aims. May include the actual development of blog content for the website, which means strategizing topics, writing the content, and publishing it to the site.

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The most generous terms.
  • Upgrade or downgrade anytime
  • Top-noch support for all
  • No fixed term contract
  • No issue goes unsolved!

What our customers are saying

Absolutely wonderful! Thanks guys, keep up the good work! We were treated like royalty.

Ellissa K. Marketing Manager at speedstarwagner.com

We've been working with API Studios across all services for the last five years. I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding work.

Nicolaus C. matrixdisclosure.com

The web care package is one of the most valuable business resources we have EVER purchased. I like it more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. We have no regrets!

Maxi N. satihemp.com

I am really satisfied with the services. The studio team impressed me on multiple levels. This is great.

Paola J. glasshome.pl


What is a website care or maintenance plan?

A website care/maintenance plan is exactly what it sounds like: an ongoing plan to maintain and support your website. That often requires more in-depth work than most people can make time for or know how to do well, so they turn to outside digital marketing agencies or vendors to maintain their website for them.
wordpress care packages

Why is WordPress maintenance important?

Security Issues

Another reason why it’s important to have a professional perform consistent WordPress maintenance is to prevent possible security breaches. – Keeping your WordPress website core, plugins and themes up-to-date will prevent your website from being vulnerable to malware infections and outside attacks.

wordpress care packages

What happens during website care/maintenance?

Website care/maintenance is the act of regularly checking your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. This should be done on a consistent basis in order to keep your website healthy, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.

Do websites need web care/maintenance?

Regularly updating and maintaining your site is crucial to ensuring that your site is running at full capacity. Just like cars, websites require maintenance to operate properly. Properly maintaining your site helps to ensure site security, increase the number of new visitors, boost returning traffic, and more.

What are your support hours?

Our support hours depend on the level of your plan, but by default are 9AM – 8PM EET and EST Time, Monday through Friday.
wordpress care packages

Am I locked into a contract?

No. We believe in earning your business month after month, and you can cancel your service with us at any time.
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What if I don't need monthly support?

Chances are you probably do need monthly support. WordPress is reportedly the most popular and powerful open-source platform, that continuously needs updated to new software versions along with other core updates like plugins, theme, add-ons that your website needs to perform efficiently.
wordpress care packages

What happens if my website goes down, breaks, hacked etc.?

The whole purpose of our client plan is preventative care, so we hope to prevent anything from happening. However, in the rare case your website goes down, our support team knows about the moment it happens trough our security & monitoring tools. We cannot promise your website will not be hacked but can promise to do everything in our power to prevent it, as well as assist in the restoration and cleanup of the website with backups.

Does it matter which webhost I use?

We recommend using and working with a quality web host. We’ll be happy to work with whoever you’ve chosen. We work closely with a selected number of providers, we can make some recommendations based on your preferences. Learn more →
wordpress care packages

Can I change my plan after signup?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Get in touch with us and we’ll get trough the process or visit our Subscriptions page where you can login to view and change subscriptions.

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