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Website Design

We design your website.


Website Design & Development

We design and build up your website.

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Platform & CMS

Please choose your content management system preference.


A website built on WordPress, the most up to date & feature rich CMS available.

Editor X - Wix

We build websites on Editor X, an advanced creation platform with smooth drag and drop.


A self hosted, premium and advanced world-class visual CMS.


Free & Premium Available

Visual Composer

Free & Premium Available

Do you sell products or process payments online?


A feature rich eCommerce system based on WordPress CMS.


Other eCommerce System

We can recommend or integrate your choice of eCommerce system.

Webflow eCommerce

Use Webflow's built-in eCommerce platform to sell products and digital goods or services.

Wix eCommerce

A self hosted eCommerce platform to sell on multiple channels.

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Design Format

Please choose the format you would like to get the website files.


You will receive Adobe Photoshop PSD design source files.


You will receive the final design files in Figma.

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Design Pages

Please select the amount of pages your website requires as part of the design.

You plan a [item-246_quantity] page website design - [item-246_price]

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Website Content

Please select the amount of pages your website requires as part of the build.

You plan a [item-248_quantity] page website - [item-248_price]

Please select amount of pages for copywriting.

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Please confirm the options that are related to your eCommerce build.

The amount of products to be added as part of your eCommerce site build.

You plan to add [item-270_quantity] products to your website - [item-270_price]

Choose your preferred merchant for processing payments.

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Design Essentials

Please answer some additional questions about your branding requirements below.


Logo Design : €2,000

Logo package design including 3 concepts.


Branding : €4,600

A comprehensive branding process, with brand guidelines and logo design.


Custom Graphic Design : €2,500

Considered essential and comes with a complete graphic design service package that covers the required design elements needed for a 3 page project.

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Essential Features

We’ve automatically selected the features that we recommend and are essential.



Training and comprehensive tutorials included.


Analytics : €50

Set up of Google analytics and install of tracking codes.



GDPR compliance including a privacy policy, and cookie opt in.


Optimisation : €450

Optimisation of your website installation files and content for speed.


Security : €350

Set up and configure security measures on your website, implement firewall and an SSL certification.


Contact Form

A contact form set up and configured to allow visitors to get in touch with you.

- +

Social Media : €650

Integrate social media platforms on your website (share / lik‍‍‍e / reviews).


Blogging Features : €500

Set up of a well-structured blogging platform allowing you to easily update your site with posts and engage with users.


Animation Effects : €450

Interactive effects to animate features on your website and engage your website visitors.

- +

Integration : €450

We connect and integrate your favourite 3rd Party services.


Portfolio : €750

Add a portfolio to display case studies or showcase your work.


Live Chat : €450

A live chat feature implemented on your website to convert and engage your website visitors.

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Website Add-ons

If your website requires add-ons or custom functionality such as a login system, booking system etc. please select it in this stage.


Subscription Features : €500

Offer subscription based features and payments through your website.


Booking System : €750

Implement booking system to schedule bookings online and manage availability.


User Account : €500

Implement account login and registration system with a My account functionality.


Dropshipping Features : €500

Offer drop shipping through your store via API feed to your supplier.


Multilingual Features : €750

Implement multilingual features to display your store in multiple languages.


Currency : €450

Offer prices in your eCommerce store in multi-currency.


Lead Generation : €1,200

Develop a highly targeted lead capture strategy to convert website visitors into customers.


Funnel Strategy : €2,800

Develop email funnel strategy for marketing and re-targeting leads.

- +

On-site SEO : €3,200

We optimise your website content & pages to improve search engine rankings and earn organic traffic.

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Project Investment

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